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Winning Worth: This War Horse has Swagger

Retrained and Remarkable: Giving the Overlooked a Chance to Succeed

Winning Worth may be a small horse in a plain brown wrapper, but what he’s lacking in size and markings he makes up for with his HUGE personality. With 71 starts under his belt and over $120,000 in winnings, it’s easy to see why “Win” has swagger.

A 2007 model by Gold Market, by Seeking the Gold, Winning Worth is all business, even now that his racing career is done. A farm favorite, Win came to New Vocations Ohio with a reputation form his home farm as an escape artist, though we have not had any Houdini-like antics while Worth has been in our care.

Bright-eyed and curious about everything, Win still has the track routine down-pat; it’s not unusual to see him having a nap in the early afternoon as he “preps” for his now-imaginary races. Dubbed the “Energizer Bunny,” it’s not that he’s super-hot under tack, it’s that he simply cannot fathom why we would want to walk when trotting is an option—and a more fun one!

Win is easy in the stall, but he’s happier when he’s outside; he loves to look around and see what’s going on. He is easy to work around and he enjoys people. He is a good boy under saddle, but he prefers to go forward with energy rather than being asked to amble slowly along at the walk. A high-energy horse, second gear is definitely his gear of choice.

Because of his penchant for going forward, we feel that eventing or endurance will be right in line with Win’s preference. Win is suitable for an experienced intermediate rider with a trainer. He retired from racing sound with no apparent injuries, proving he’s a durable horse suitable for any discipline where he can show off his swagger!

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