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Retrained and Remarkable: Giving the Overlooked a Chance to Succeed

With only one start in her racing career, Jeanete Next Door is not your average “girl next door.” Though she may come off as shy, this sweet red mare loves to have a person to bond with and has endless love to give to “her” person.

In training with New York trainer Leandra Cooper, Jeanete has truly come into her own while in New Vocations’ care. “Jeanete has changed dramatically  in her time with me,” Leandra said. “In fact, her transformation has been the most dramatic of any horse I’ve had.”

When Jeanete came to Leandra from the NYTHA Take the Lead program, “she was a wide-eyed, anxious horse,” Leandra explains. “She had very bad separation anxiety from the horse she came with–she not only paced in her stall until she was sweaty, she also dug deep holes in her stall.”

Jeanete had no qualms telling Leandra she was unhappy. “I actually remember Jeanete lunging out of the open-topped stall to try to bite me as I walked by one day. If you went in her stall, she would go into the corner and swing her haunches toward you, and blanketing was a very scary thing to her. Grooming elicited nasty stares as well as air-biting and tightening the girth was sure to make her try to bite.”

Under saddle, the mare was no different: “She was all panic-mode,” Leandra says. “She was so tense that she had a hard time holding her leads, especially behind. I did a lot of body work on her to relax her back and hind end because you could see her back spasm badly even just touching it. Lots of groundwork and poles helped to get her mind off just running and to develop rhythm. We also did acupuncture, which she loved.”

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Once Leandra addressed all of Jeanete’s issues, the mare began to come around, thanks to Leandra’s time and effort in making her comfortable. Jeanete became the poster child for New Vocations “Transformation Tuesday,” blossoming into a sweet, kind mare who enjoys going under saddle.

“Jeanete is now a much more relaxed, friendly horse,” Leandra says.  “She comes right up to greet anyone who wants to say ‘hello’ and she is becoming a lot braver.” She loves to be ridden outside and she goes well in both English and western tack. Jeanete is now savvy to side-reining and has popped over some little jumps. She is no longer aggressive and doesn’t try to bite when being blanketed or girthed, thanks to Leandra’s digging to determine just why Jeanete was so uncomfortable.

All Hail the Queen

Interestingly, as Jeanete’s confidence has gone up, so has her place in the pecking order in turnout. She can now be a bit bossy, so will need an understanding turnout partner who doesn’t mind deferring to the Queen!

Jeanete loves to stroll along trails and is truly an Energizer Bunny who doesn’t tire easily. Her ideal partner is one who is interested in long, leisurely trail rides or a working-ranch setting. She will need an advanced rider who is quiet and patient—Jeanete is very sensitive to the energy around her and she does not like to be rushed.

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Jeanete has gone from a a not-so-flashy, wide-eyed, unpleasant horse to a stunning, sweet, sassy momma.


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