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Te D’etat came to New Vocations from Calumet Farm in Lexington, KY, as a 3-year- old, unraced gelding. A grandson of Storm Cat, “Tater Tot,” as he is affectionately called around the farm, was donated by one of the most iconic Thoroughbred farms in the Bluegrass: Calumet Farm.

Fun fact about Calumet: A namesake of Calumet Baking Powder and well-known for its ties to the Thoroughbred industry, Calumet was originally developed to breed and race Standardbreds!

Tater’s registered name means “state of you” in French—and the only state of mind this red horse tends to be in is hunger! Once he licks his own feed bucket clean, he begs his neighbors for their scraps. Tater came to New Vocations in November of 2017 and has easily made the transition from racehorse to riding horse once he understood what was expected of him. He’s become a dream to ride!

A Hard Worker

Facility Director Melissa King says that Tater has really matured since being placed in a routine training program. “He started out as an eager baby,” she said, “but he’s developed into a very chill horse.”

Though he’s still green, Melissa comments that Tater has no buck, no rear and he doesn’t put a foot wrong under saddle. “The worst he has ever done was in his first couple rides, where he got a little excited and quick,” she explains.

Tater has an impressively consistent canter and it will take very little effort to make him super-brave, says Melissa. “He’s a very easygoing horse someone could take to shows, hunter paces and anywhere off the farm—and he’ll take it right in stride.”

In addition to being easygoing in the ring, Tater is chill in the field, as well. “He has a hellion of a pasturemate!” says Melissa. “And he’s not bothered by it at all.” Tater will have no problem in a field of buddies, whether they play hard like boys or just occasionally have a canter around the field. When his pasture buddy isn’t harassing him, he’ll even lay down while having a snack!


Adult Ammy With a Busy Schedule? Swipe Right


Tater Tot is looking for his perfect partner. “Tater is a fantastic all-around mount– he’s perfect for an adult amateur rider who wants a horse she can take to hunter paces, local shows or other fun events off the farm,” says Melissa. His perfect person would be an intermediate-level rider who has the guidance of a trainer.

“He doesn’t have to be a in a five-day- a-week program,” she emphasized. “He enjoys having a job that’s only three days a week and he looks forward to doing a job.”

Interested in learning more about sweet Tater to see if he’s the perfect match for you? Click here.



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