The New Vocations 19th Annual Stallion Auction runs Tues Feb 6th through 2:00 pm Thursday Feb 8th at The auction is conducted in an Open Ended format that allows for bidding slightly beyond the 2:00 p.m. deadline if less than five minutes have elapsed since the last bid on a particular breeding.

Breedings to Always A Virgin, Guccio, Muscles Yankee, Rock N Roll Heaven, McArdle, Dejarmbro and Well Said are among the seasons already donated to help rehab, retrain and rehome retired Standardbreds.

Participants are asked to be considerate and not bid for mares over 20, ones that have been barren two or more consecutive years, any that are due after May 15, and those that are already booked.

Additional breedings will be available for purchase throughout the season. Please contact Dot Morgan at 937-947-4020 ( or Winnie Morgan Nemeth at 734-320-7918 ( if you have a breeding to donate.

New Vocations is the largest racehorse adoption program in North America accepting over 450 retired racehorses each year. Proceeds from this stallion auction go toward the rehabilitation, retraining, and placement of retired Standardbreds. “We would like to thank all the stallion donors for their generous support,” said Executive Director Dot Morgan. “They enable us to provide rehabilitative care for these horses and equip them with crucial skills prior to placing them in qualified homes. Every horse we adopt becomes an ambassador for the breed.” Thank you for supporting New Vocations’ Stallion Auction. All proceeds go toward the rehabilitation, retraining, and placement of retired racehorses.




How to Pay Stud Fee Deposits

Winning bidders will be notified immediately by email or called within a couple of days. A 10% or minimum $100 deposit (whichever is most) is due by MedwynHanoverJusticeHallColtFeb 21st.

The deposit can be paid through the link below or by check payable to New Vocations and sent to 3293 Wright Rd. Laura, OH 45337. If paying online, enter the amount and designate the stallion in the ‘Comments Box.’ A credit card number can also be called into the New Vocations office (937) 947-4020.

Once the deposit is received a contract will be sent. Contracts need to be completed as soon as possible and sent to the farm where the stallion stands. (If you get the opportunity, please express your appreciation to the stallion donor for supporting New Vocations. Their support means so very much to the horses we serve.)

***If this breeding was purchased for a mare that is already booked, a mare over 20, one that has been barren two or more consecutive yrs, or is due to foal later than May 21st, please give us the opportunity to sell it to the under bidder. Mares that do not have foals are very costly to the Program.

Pay Stud Fee Deposits

The 90% balance is due to New Vocations with the birth of a live foal. This can be paid at the link below. Enter the amount, then in the Comments Box list the stallion followed by the name of the mare. A mating certificate will be mailed.




Dot Morgan, Executive Director

(937) 947-4020


Winnie Morgan Nemeth, Standardbred Director

(734) 320-7918