Adoption Applications Coordinator


¬†Thoroughbred “Reiki”


Andy grew up riding Saddleseat from the age of four, which was the longest her parents could keep her away from horses! She took a year of jumping lessons, then got a three year old green broke Arabian for Christmas at fourteen – just what every girl needs! She and Bug ran rampant over the nearest cross country course and many trail rides before they both shipped off to Lake Erie College. When Bug told her that he was not comfortable competing anymore, Andy retired him and began looking for a new partner. While at school, she fell in love with Off-The-Track-Thoroughbreds, and decided she wanted to become more involved with the breed. Andy found New Vocations and adopted a horse from the program, which was a hugely valuable experience for her future career, setting the course for her current path.
With the support of her mentor at LEC, Mary Pardee, Andy got the chance of a lifetime at an internship with the legendary Michael Matz. He generously took her on as an intern for the summer of 2014, and she became one of his exercise riders. While at Fair Hill Training Center with his stables, she learned immeasurably valuable information about Thoroughbreds and the lifestyle they lead directly from the source. While there, she fell in love with one of her rides, Lost Sailor (Henrythenavigator x Miss Hellie – AP Indy), and was lucky enough to take him home with her at the end of her internship.
During her senior year at school, she worked extensively with an OTTB school horse, Reiki (the chestnut pictured) that she competed with in the school’s shows. She continued her work with OTTBs in an internship with Jeffry and Holly Taylor at Blue Ridge Farm Eventing near her school. At that internship and at her job privately training four green horses at Legacy Equestrian Center, she was able to continue her education, helping to pave her way out of college and into the real world.
After graduating in 2015 receiving her degree in Equine Sciences: Teacher/Trainer, Andy was offered her dream job as a Resident Student at Bascule Farm in Poolesville, Maryland. Taking her OTTB, Sailor, she and her wonderful parents moved her from Ohio to Maryland in July, where she is currently operating from. Sailor and she will be finally breaking into the wonderful world of eventing this season, and will continue her dreams of advocating for the OTTB breed and New Vocations.