Facility Manager & Thoroughbred Trainer













Thoroughbred “Brewha”


In 1985, Amy received a B.S. in Agriculture for Horticulture with a focus on landscape architecture. She and her husband own a landscape design/ build firm where Amy continues to do some design work as well as a landscape nursery north of Cincinnati, Ohio. At New Vocations, Amy monitors the mental and physical well being of the horses. Her main priorities are: to ensure that each horse’s transition from the track is as easy as possible; determine what each horse will be capable of doing in their next career; and help make the best match of horses to potential adopters. Amy shares, ” Seeing them happy, healthy, and in a good loving home is the reward for all the hard work.”

Growing up riding in Northeastern Ohio in the 70’s, Amy says she was very fortunate to have several fabulous Hunter/ Jumper facilities near her, which meant that she also had access to the great trainers in those barns. The fact that almost all of them are still teaching or involved in the horse industry today, shows how dedicated they are to their profession and their love of horses that Amy was privileged to witness and be a part of long ago. “Their strict East Coast style of teaching and diligence to the care of the horse still influences the way I do things today, some 40+ years later. Because I chose to ride Hunters, my love of the Thoroughbred began early in life. Compound that with the fact that there was a Thoroughbred track close by, there was always a barn full of new Hunter prospects to bring along.”

Over the years, riding progressed to showing, grooming on the Hunter/ Jumper “A” circuit, training/ breaking young horses (especially the difficult ones), teaching, and managing several stables throughout her life. Even though she spent a few fun and educational years in both the Quarter horse and Dressage worlds, Amy says she still always found her way back to the Thoroughbreds every time. “My current position with New Vocations has brought me full circle working with the OTTB’s that started so long ago.”

In 2008, Amy adopted “Brewha”, an unraced 2 year old grey Thoroughbred gelding. He is currently in training as a Hunter and has had the opportunity to do a little bit of showing, earning ribbons at several local horse shows.