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Make a Decision: Take This Boy Home!
Retrained and Remarkable: Giving the Overlooked a Chance to Succeed

With 26 starts under his belt, Make a Decision, a son of Medaglia d’Oro who sold for $80,000 as a 2-year-old, earned over $334,000 on the track–a decisive money earner in his own right! Now 8, this sweet gelding is ready for a new career—hopefully one that involves wide open spaces and room to play!

Nicknamed “Bouncer” by Pennsylvania trainer Cheryl Keller, the 15.3-hand bay LOVES to go outside–so much so that when he first came to New Vocations, he “bounced” on the end of the lead to show how excited he was to get to the field and play with his friends! Interestingly, Bouncer has never had a problem coming in from the field—simply call his name and he will head toward the gate (slowly!). Bouncer enjoys attention and interaction, which is why he is always so willing to come back inside. He also has a great work ethic under saddle, which we’re sure stemmed from his successful years on the track.


                                BEFORE – The Beast                                                                           AFTER – The Beauty

This spring, Bouncer made the decision to transform from a not-so-pretty OTTB to a beautiful, sleek Thoroughbred as he shed out his shaggy winter coat. What a transformation! He loves to be brushed and fawned over as we admire his shiny spring coat.

Bouncer will be an excellent lower-level mount for an intermediate rider who is interested in pleasure riding–including trail riding. His quiet personality makes us think he’ll be a true gentleman when he’s off the farm. With all the fun Bouncer loves to have, a gymkhana mount is also not out of the question! This sweet boy loves to have a job that holds his interest.

As Bouncer thoroughly enjoys his turnout time, we have kept him out as much as possible, in a big field where he can have lots of space to run and play—and frolic with his friends! Bouncer does crib, but when kept outside, is more interested in eating and playing than cribbing.

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