Retired Racehorse Radio by Kentucky Performance Products is your guide to the adoption, care and training of the retired racehorse. While the show will focus on retired Thoroughbreds (OTTB), it will also cover other racehorse breeds like Standardbreds and Arabians. Brought to you in cooperation with the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover and New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program. Part of the Horse Radio Network.

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Episode 1:  How to Pick an OTTB with Elisa Wallace, 52 Thoroughbreds and Golden Annie by Kentucky Performance Products

Jamie Jennings and Joy Hills chat with Elisa Wallace, winner of last year’s Thoroughbred Makeover, about what she looks for in her OTTB prospects. We hear how a small business dream led to the adoption of one of the famous 52 thoroughbreds, and New Vocations Racehorse Adoption joins us to bring you our Winner’s Circle – Adoptable Horse of the Week Golden Annie! 



Episode 2: The Thoroughbred Makeover, History of the Racehorse, RRP Spotlight Rider Shelby Dennis and Shere Kahn by Kentucky Performance Products

Take a listen to Episode 2 of Retired Racehorse Radio as Jen Roytz from the Retired Racehorse Project tells us what it takes to make the magic happen at the Thoroughbred Makeover, we get a fascinating history of racehorses from the Keeneland Library and our first ever RRP Spotlight Rider, Shelby Dennis, fills us in on makeover horse, George. Plus, stay tuned for our Winner’s Circle Adoptable Horse of the Week brought to you by New Vocations: Shere Kahn!



Episode 3: California Chrome’s Manager, OTTB Guy Kyle Rothfus, Training Tips and Adoptable You’re So Munny

Travis White from TaylorMade (where California Chrome stands) takes us to the breeding shed to talk about how high stake breeders pair mares and stallions in hopes of the breeding the next Triple Crown Winner. In keeping with our breeding theme, Kyle Rothfus, aka that OTTB Guy, comes on to talk about his non-traditional method to breeding his first filly. Leandra from New Vocations brings us our Winner’s Circle Adoptable Horse of the Week, You’re So Munny.


Episode 4: Thoroughbred Auctions, Lindsey Partridge, Australia’s Travis Doudle and Adoptable Emotional Hedge

Take a listen to Episode 4 of Retired Racehorse Radio as we take you to largest and most prominent Thoroughbred auction house in the world to learn about racehorse sales. We go Down Under to chat with Australia’s Travis Doudle about his unique way of training his racehorses. The legendary Lindsey Partridge joins us as our RRP Spotlight Rider. And of course, stay tuned for our Winner’s Circle Adoptable Horse of the Week, Emotional Hedge


Episode 5:  Retired Racehorse #5: Trailering Your OTTB, JETEquitheory’s Jill Treece and adoptable Sweet Dreamer 16

Take a listen to Episode 5 of Retired Racehorse Radio as Monty Roberts talks about how to help your horse feel confident in the trailer. Jill Treece from JETEquitheory shares how she’s adopted positive reinforcement training to help her OTTB get ready for the Thoroughbred Makeover and stay tuned to learn about one hunky gelding who is ready to find his forever home in this week’s New Vocations Winner’s Circle – Adoptable Horse of the Week: Sweet Dreamer ’16.


Episode 6:  Retired Racehorse #6: Olympian Dorothy Crowell, 12 Yr Old Savannah Embly and Trainer Claire Connaghan

Take a listen to Episode 6 of Retired Racehorse Radio as Olympic decorated and 2nd winner of the Kentucky Three Day Event, Dorothy Crowell, comes on to talk about her secret weapon to winning: the Thoroughbred. Plus, we welcome our youngest Retired Racehorse Project Spotlight Rider, 12-year-old Savannah Embly, and stay tuned for an exclusive preview of the 2019 New Vocations Open Barn and BBQ horses! To register for the online auction (NEW FOR 2019!) and to buy tickets for the Open Barn and BBQ, click here


Episode 7:  Live from Kentucky 3 Day Event with Rosie Napravnik and Nick Larkin

Take a listen to Episode 7 of Retired Racehorse Radio as they are coming to you LIVE from Land Rover Kentucky 3 Day Event in beautiful Lexington, KY! We chat face to face with some of your favorite pros and how the Thoroughbred has influenced their lives! Rosie Napravnik, a badass female jockey who has shown that the track isn’t just for the boys, and Nick Larkin joins us at the New Vocations Open Barn BBQ to tell us about how his $900 OTTB became a Kentucky 3 Day Champion.