Horse Stats
Name: Whiteman's Witt
Barn Name: Witt
Age: 2013
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16. 1/2 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $800
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 1
Highlights: Unplaced
Total Earnings: $122
Last Race: 2/7/2016
Sire: Tropical Storm
Dam: Stillamilly
Other Notable Pedigree: Woodman, Carson City, Storm Cat, Hawaii
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His photos capture perfectly his wide eyed look at the world as only a baby can.  Witt is a very curious horse with a heart of gold causing everyone who works with him to absolutely adore him.  When he first came to us everything was new and a little scary, but he has become much more confident, even spreading his wings occasionally and expressing his opinion.  You have to laugh at him because big for him is shaking his head and adding a little crow hop when he is pleased with himself.  He then goes back to being the very obedient baby he is.  Since he will be turning 4 at the end of May, he still needs a rider that has experience working with youngsters to build on the basics he has in place.  He will try his heart out for you if you are quiet, patient and praise him for a job well done.  Witt is also very easy to work with on the ground and loves people.  He was retired from the track due to lack of competitiveness and has no known injuries.  

The first video was taken in July 2016 when he first came to us.  He has a forward stride if ridden like a Hunter and needed work on balance and rhythm.  The second video was taken in March 2017 and you can see he can has learned a thing or two while he was with his adopter the past 7 months.  The first 6 photos is what he looks like now and  the rest of the photos were taken last July.  He needs gain more weight and muscle tone, but he will never be a chunky horse as he doesn’t have that type of frame.  

On the first day of turn out Witt tried to tell everyone he was tough and after 2 passes around the field he quickly gave that up and went to the middle of the pecking order, off to graze by himself.  He will be fine in a group of geldings or with just one other. Witt’s only vice is if there is something that concerns him when he is in his stall, he will shift weight back and forth from foot to foot at his stall gate. Pet him or give him hay and he is fine.  

Witt’s sire is by Storm Cat who in turn is by the one time top rated European 2 year old Storm Bird and out of the MGSW mare Terlinqua who placed in 12 of her 17 starts, earning $423,000.  Witt’s grandam is MGSW Pearl City who placed in 10 of her 11 starts earning $367,000 and she is by MGSW Carson City, winner of $306,000 in 15 starts, and out of MGSP Island Kitty, daughter of Champion grass horse Hawaii.  Witt’s dam is by GSW Bound by Honor ,earner of $268,000 in 22 starts, who is in turn by Irish Champion Woodman who had sired champions in France, U.S. and Great Britain and was a 3 million dollar yearling himself.