Horse Stats
Name: Unnamed 2011 Guess
Barn Name: Hawking
Age: 2011
Gender: Gelding
Height: 15.3 hh
Color: Gray
Adoption Fee: $350.00
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 0
Total Earnings: $
Last Race:
Sire: Guess
Dam: Einstein
Other Notable Pedigree:
  • 5F9A0347
  • 5F9A0365
  • 5F9A0373
  • 5F9A0389
  • 5F9A0385
  • 5F9A0399
  • 5F9A0376
  • 5F9A0392


Hawking got his barn name from having a dad named Einstein and a mom named Guess.  He came into our program just after Stephen Hawking passed away and his name was just very obvious! Einstein + Guess can only equal Hawking!!!

Hawking is a special soul and unraced. He will need someone to “hug” and support him everyday. He is a beautiful mover and seems to be more confident under saddle than on the ground.  He needs someone with a steady seat, hand, and brain. He is cautious in new situations and takes him a while to settle in and trust.  He needs handled everyday; anything from hand grazing to riding! The more confident you are the more confident he will be. Really looks to his person for guidance.  He is great under saddle and gets better by the day. As long as his rider remains confident and supports with the leg as if you’re “hugging” him, he will try what you ask.  He is currently going w/t/c with small leg yields and he has been taken over trot poles and a small cross rail.  He is not show ready as he is nervous in situations he does not know.  He should be suitable for most disciplines. Suitable for an experienced/advanced rider at this time or an advanced teen working consistently with a trainer. Not suitable for beginners.

He is playful in turnout and will need a buddy that can handle hard playing!

Hawking does have melanomas on his right throat latch area. They have been tested and came back as melanoma.  An incision biopsy is also suggested to help understand the melanoma better.  His adoption fee reflects the melanomas, not his ability. No known soundness issues or injuries.