Horse Stats
Name: Slamarama
Barn Name: Buffalo
Age: 2010
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.2 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $450
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 25
Highlights: winner
Total Earnings: $125,550
Last Race: 9/5/15
Sire: Grand Slam
Dam: Senora Cat
Other Notable Pedigree: Cozzene, Storm Cat, Gone West, El Gran Senor, Mr Prospector
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Slamarama, or Buffalo as we call him, is a giant beefcake standing 16.2h. He is a big goofball! The name Buffalo came about not only because of size but he also forgets how big he is. If he gets worried, he wants you to hold him and would love to sit in your lap. He does not have personal space issues haha! Buffalo is the same with his pasturemates, he latches on to one buddy and feeds off their confidence. His current buddy is Draken (soon to be available!) and they are side by side constantly. They walk side by side, graze side by side. They are out in a group of 8 geldings total and the good news is that if Draken isn’t out there Buffalo does not get upset. He simply looks for someone else to latch on to- Buffalo wuvs his friends!! Buffalo can be a bit head/ear shy, but I can bridle him at 5’1″. I think he would greatly benefit from the red light therapy “Happy Cap”. Buffalo was adopted previously where he got in to a tangle and sustained lacerations to both front shins. They are fully healed but have left behind scars which do not limit him even though they look funny. He does not have any stall vices

After a 25 start career, Slam is adjusted well to his new life. He is very business-like about his flatwork. Slam is very conscientious  and likes for you to patiently break things down in to baby steps. Then he actually masters the new lessons almost immediately. Slam has a lovely trot that he is happy to maintain as long as you want. The canter, however, is so much work for a Buffalo! It is so comfy to ride. He feels like he would be a really nice western ride and goes on such a nice loose rein it probably wouldn’t take long for him to go one handed. I have not put a western saddle on him because both of us riders are short and our legs are already almost doing the splits around his beefy barrel. Adding the bulk of a western saddle would be comical for all bystanders I’m sure. He is pretty straight forward with only the occasional spook and he likes to try to cheat on his corners. Both of which are very easy to work on. Buffalo had a fairly lengthy race career so he is looking for a home to ride pleasure and trails where he could certainly pop over small obstacles. He will not be suitable for eventing careers, etc. He is a personality plus partner for intermediate riders.

Slamarama came to New Vocations via the NYTHA Take The Lead Program.  We are very thankful for their support.