Horse Stats
Name: Raise a Royal
Barn Name: Royal
Age: 2014
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.0 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $750
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: Unraced
Total Earnings: $0
Last Race:
Sire: Five Star Day
Dam: Princess Margaret
Other Notable Pedigree: Carson City, Malibu Moon, Affirmed, A.P. Indy
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Even though Royal has the pedigree to have been good racehorse, it must have been evident early on that racing was just not for him, so on to a new career for Royal to excel in and being just a 3 year old, he has plenty of time to find his way.  Royal is truly a baby in that he will follow you anywhere, loves attention and tries to figure out what you want from him.  He does have some independent thoughts at times when he decides on his own that work is too hard, so he will throw in a little hop or bow towards the gate or stop in the middle of the ring trying to convince us he’s done enough work for the day.  He is easily persuaded to go back to work though and it is nothing more than him being a baby and testing the waters.  It is fun to see the growth and understanding he is developing with each ride and he is such a sweet guy to work with.  It won’t take long for him to become someones favorite pet which he would love!  

With no known injuries he should physically be suitable for any discipline, but he may not have the drive or desire to do anything too strenuous at this stage of his life.  That may change some as he is more fit and matures because there are little glimpses of playfulness in him and we have not been pushing him because he actually turns 3 the end of April.  Desirable in any discipline, there is some natural impulsion in his gaits which will only improve with strength, muscle and training.  Royal has no vices.  

Royal is out with one other gelding and is definitely the bottom of the pecking order, so he needs out go out with other quiet geldings because he may not defend himself if out with a gelding that plays hard.  He wants to be right by his buddy, but will go to the other end of the pasture if his buddy wants to play a little too rough, so it is torture if he has to graze off by himself.  

Raise a Royal is by track record setter Five Star Day who had 16 starts, 6-5-0, earning $575,000.  Five Star Day is by MGSW Carson City who earned $306,000 in 15 starts, 6-2-0 and his dam is by the champion Vanlandingham who earned 1.4 million in 19 starts, 10-3-3.  Royals’ dam is by top ten sire Malibu Moon who looks like his sire Hall of Famer A.P. Indy.  Royal’s grandam is by Triple Crown Winner Affirmed.