Horse Stats
Name: Liberty G
Barn Name: Libby
Age: 2014
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.2 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $500
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: unraced
Total Earnings: $0
Last Race:
Sire: Deer Lake
Dam: Tipperone
Other Notable Pedigree: Meadowlake, Foolish Pleasure, Lord Gaylord
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For anyone looking for their 2018 RRP Makeover horse, Liberty is available.  She is so easy natured that she just does her job without issue or fuss and you can count on every ride being the same even keeled ride.  Easy temperament and a mind like a sponge makes her an ideal prospect as a Hunter or possibly a Dressage horse and is small enough for polo.  She will stand stock still while being groomed or fussed over and is just so happy to be with people she will rest her chin on your shoulder for whatever attention you want to bestow upon her for as many hours as you you like to pet her.  Since she is just turning 4 she may wake up a bit more as she gains more confidence in her new career, but is sure to continue being a joy to be around and handle.  Liberty is bottom of the pecking order, finding her way in turn out with a grumpier mare that she has learned to stay a distance from.  

She retired from race training with no apparent injuries as racing did not seem to be her thing.  There are timed workouts listed for her, but since she didn’t race she doesn’t have a tattoo so she would have to be microchipped to qualify for the RRP Makeover.  Liberty is a cribber and will stall walk when worried.   

Liberty G is by GSP Deer Lake, earner of $357,000 in 35 starts, 9-8-7.  Deer Lake is by GSW Meadowlake, earner of $308,000 with 3 starts, 3-0-0 and he is by GSP Hold Your Peace, earner of $276,000 in 39 starts, 11-12-3.  Deer Lake’s dam is by Hall of Fame Foolish Pleasure who earned 1.2 million in 26 starts, 16-4-3.  Liberty G’s dam is by champion Lord Avie, earner of $706,000 placing in all 16 starts, 8-4-4.