Horse Stats
Name: Le Grand Rouge
Barn Name: Grand
Age: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $Waived plus up to a $500 shipping credit
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 33
Highlights: 4-3-5
Total Earnings: $51,543
Last Race: 2/3/15
Sire: Southern Image
Dam: Gabbah Bateman
Other Notable Pedigree: Halo's Image, Halo, Valid Appeal, Dixieland Band
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All Grand has to do is stare at you with those big, gorgeous eyes and you can’t ignore his plea for attention for long.  He thinks he is being so smug and would never ask anyone for anything, being the cool guy he is, but he really does like to be the center of attention.  You get the feeling that you are being sized up by him and you are since he is a quick study of people, so he will need someone who won’t let him outsmart them.  Grand is happiest when learning new things and is a quick study.  At some point Grand sustained a tear to a hind upper suspensory and has had several months off, but still needs more time to complete his recovery before going back to work.  Grand loves to do ground work or play with you and could do some light trail riding at the walk while he recovers.  The loose video was taken on Oct 2017, the video in the outdoor and trail video on Aug 2015 and the last video was with his adopter on Oct 2016. You can see where he was in his training and what a lovely horse he is.  He just needs more time to get back to that point again.  

Grand is currently out by himself, but next to other horses, to keep him from playing too hard with a turn out buddy while he finishes his rehab.  He likes to play and can play hard if the other horse likes to as well.  He will not be able to go out with mares as he would become too attached.  Grand is a cribber only when his grain.

Grand’s sire, Southern Image, won 6 of his 8 starts and earned 1.8 million.  He is by Halo’s Image who placed in 20 of 26 starts and was a MGSW.  Halo placed in 22 of 31 starts and Sugar’s Image, by Valid Appeal, placed in 33 of her 56 starts.  Dixieland Band was a MGSW with 24 starts and Pleasant Julie placed in 22 of her 27 starts.  The 1.7 million dollar yearling, Solford, was trained in Ireland and won 5 of his 6 starts.  He is by Nijinsky II who was 1970 English Triple Crown Winner.