Horse Stats
Name: Last Drop'a Cognac
Barn Name: Indy
Age: 2003
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Dark Bay/Brown
Adoption Fee: $500
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 21
Highlights: 3-2-3
Total Earnings: $40,172
Last Race: 9/29/2010
Sire: Bordagaray
Dam: Rouge Cognac
Other Notable Pedigree: Alydar,Raise a Native, Northern Dancer, Big Spruce
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What a nicely put-together mare with a good brain to match! Last Drop’a Cognac had the opportunity to have several years off at her owner’s farm after she was done racing and it shows because she has that wise, quiet demeanor acquired with age and life experience. A testament to her maturity is that she didn’t miss a beat when starting back under saddle, which was amazing as it has been over 6 years since she was last ridden. There are days when she gets distracted, but she always continues working. We have been taking it easy with her since it has been a while since she has worked, and slow and steady seems to be the right course. “Indy” is a kind mare to be around and even though she won’t ask for attention, she is happy to have it. Because we have not even begun the scratch the surface of her capabilities, it is hard to say what she will be suitable for, but she is smart, sound, has no known injuries or vices, and should be suitable for an intermediate-level rider.  

Indy is very patient with whomever she is turned out with; she would probably do best turned out with a group of mares as she feels responsible for the needy mare she is currently going out with. She is very happy to go outside most of the day, but is also very quiet in her stall during the day when turn out is limited because of weather.  

Last Drop’a Cognac is by Bordagaray, who earned $311,000 in 17 starts and is by a Pia Star mare. Bordagaray is by Hall of Famer Alydar, who placed in 24 of his 26 starts, earning $957,000. He in turn is by the champion Raise A Native. On the bottom side of the pedigree is Hall of Famer Northern Dancer and MGSW Big Spruce who raced on both coasts and in Canada earning $673,000 in 40 starts in the 1960s.