Horse Stats
Name: Hunt's Road
Barn Name: Hunt
Age: 2012
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.3 hh
Color: Dark Bay
Adoption Fee: $500
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 15
Highlights: Winner
Total Earnings: $124,885
Last Race: 4/2/17
Sire: Portobello Road
Dam: Hunt's Corner
Other Notable Pedigree: Silver Ghost,
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As tall, dark and handsome as he is standing for a photo, wait til you see him move! Hunt’s Road is a 6yr old 16.3h gelding who retired from a very good racing career which concluded with earnings over $124k in 15 starts. He is a quirky fellow who likes having his butt scratched and has also been working on smiling when you tap his lip. When you are just passing by he can be blase about attention but if you stop and engage him, Hunt opens right up. With his turnout buddies, he can be a little bossy at first but once order is established he is by no means a bully. He Is in a leadership role of his group which just expanded to 5 geldings from previously being 3. His ground manners are very good here on the farm but he is a big horse who will need a confident handler if he were in an exciting environment such as a horse show. He can be ear shy for bridling (not the halter) but we did find his poll needed adjusting and he has let us put the bridle on normally. Hunt does not have any stall vices. 

Hunt’s long legs do not disappoint, he has an open,swinging stride. He is movement is free and easy. Even when you are riding and can’t see him go, you can feel how pretty it is. He likes a quiet low hand and does not take a lot of leg but does not resent like pressure either. He has an air of confidence which would make him a fun show horse for the lower levels of dressage. He would also be suitable for pleasure riding on the trails and possibly some low jumping in the future. He will need an intermediate rider working with a trainer or advanced rider. 

Hunt’s Road is Retrained & Remarkable Challenge eligible. As such he will receive a shipping credit of up to $500, and an invitation to compete in Challenge-specific classes at the 2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Shows in Kentucky and Ohio. R&R adopters who choose to participate in the competition will be eligible to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes; they will also receive a FREE stall at either Charity horse show and FREE entry into Challenge classes.