Horse Stats
Name: Heavy On Themister
Barn Name: Mister
Age: 2008
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 hh
Color: Liver Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $1,000—NOW 800
Location: Covington, LA
Race Stats
Total Starts: 68
Highlights: La. Bred Premier Night Championship Stakes, Evangeline Mile Handicap
Total Earnings: $725,350
Last Race: 7/13/2018
Sire: Liontamer
Dam: Twinwinwin
Other Notable Pedigree: Alydar, Dynaformer, Never Bend
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With the looks of a movie star and the heart of a lion, Heavy on theMister is every bit the model of a champion racehorse.

Heavy On theMister won nearly a million dollars on the track. We think this 11-year-old athlete could easily excel in the sport horse world, but he has nothing to prove and what he would most prefer to do is have a job that is all about going on adventures off the beaten path! Brave and steady in the woods and willing to cross ditches, swampy spots and lagoon-like water crossings, Mister loves to hack out and is happiest on the trail. He is an honest partner and truly enjoys taking in the sights!

This clever boy has three smooth gaits and is definitely more whoa than go! For as much as he won on the racetrack, he likes to mosey along! He currently is in a steady program and seems to excel with consistency. He walk, trots, and canters well in the arena and has three smooth gaits. He has jumped small jumps (2′ and below) and works over cavaletti on the lunge. As he raced a lot, he does require some body work to keep him comfortable within his body. Mister has clean legs and retired from racing sound. He also happens to be a bit of a celebrity in Louisiana having won two Champions Day Races with Rosie Napravanik in the irons. Mister has incredible racing connections and a fabulous story, the owners who bred and raced him during the height of his career, found him racing in the lowest classes in Louisiana and claimed him back. Upon taking ownership, they promptly retired the former Champion, but Mister got bored in the field and needed a job, so off to New Vocations! Mister will always have a place with is previous owners.  

Cheeky and fun, Mister loves people and any and all attention. He was exposed to several different herds of camp girls over the summer and was a star! He stands like a dream in crossties and is very easy to work around for the farrier and vet. He can be a little mouthy at times and needs a handler who can laugh at him but also hold his respect. As he is an athletic and clever fellow, he will require confident handler but can be ridden by an intermediate level rider. As you can see in his video, he’s been ridden by a young rider with a trainer’s guidance with no issues.




New Vocations’ adoption fees are intentionally set lower than the cost of buying most Thoroughbreds or Standardbreds through a private seller. In today’s market, it’s not unusual for horses coming right off the track to be listed for sale at a price between $2,000 and $5,000. At New Vocations, we set a fee that will ultimately help each horse find a home quickly. The program’s facilities are always at full capacity, which means we cannot take in an additional horse until one is adopted. Adopters should be encouraged to know that by adopting a horse through New Vocations, they are actually helping two horses transition to careers outside of racing.

Additionally, adopters get great value for their money: The majority of the horses have been in the program for a minimum of 60 days. During that time, horses are rehabilitated (if needed), socialized with other horses, fully evaluated, and in work with a professional trainer. New Vocations fully discloses each horse’s history and provides all available medical records, many of which include X-ray and ultrasounds.

While adoption fees are low, it should be noted that costs associated with ongoing care and additional training for each horse after adoption can be high. New Vocations hopes that by helping an adopter save money upfront, he or she will have more funds available to cover the continuing costs of properly caring for a horse.