Horse Stats
Name: Flashy Storm
Barn Name: Flash
Age: 2013
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.1 hh
Color: Grey
Adoption Fee: $300
Location: Marysville, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 6
Highlights: 1-0-0
Total Earnings: $5645
Last Race: 3/12/2016
Sire: Concorde Point
Dam: Storming Scarlet
Other Notable Pedigree: Tapit, Pulpit, Seattle Song,
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Calling all people who like working with a super smart horse who will not take life seriously and needs to learn through playing games.  Thinking outside the box will be in order to get the most out of this gelding and using a lot of natural horsemanship or ground training will be helpful in earning his respect and making a connection with him.  Flash, being young minded and high energy, lives life by his own rules and will need a strong, experienced person who has all the time in the world to work with him.  Being a long term project, we just don’t have the time he will require so he needs to get settled into a new home and strong routine soon.  So in looking past his cute face and grey dapples, Flash is not for young riders or anyone who will not stand up and be the experienced leader he requires or he will take charge and try to play with you like another horse, a bit too aggressively.  As you earn his respect he really wants you as a partner and leader, he just doesn’t know how to ask for that yet.  There are glimpses of it though and he is cute when he gets it.  He will be probably be a fierce friend once he gets it and fully trusts you.  Unfortunately he came to us at the worst time of year because turn out is dictated by the weather and he is not outside as much as he should be to help quiet his busy brain by evidence of the videos of how he entertains himself with his toys in his stall.

 As brave as he acts in his stall he is rather chicken when it comes to new experiences so that is part of the reason he has been hard to ride, the other is he just doesn’t want to be ridden right now.  He will face new things if you are on the ground to protect him, but not so much when under saddle.  The more tired he is the less of a big deal new things are and he is easier to work with.  Maturity and training will change most of that. 

He gets along well with his turn out buddy and he likes to play, but his buddy has taught him well the warning signs of when enough playing is enough.   Flash retired from racing due to a slab fracture of the knee that was not surgically fixed, but was just allowed to heal with almost a year off.  He does not have any vices other than he will play with anything you put in his stall.

Flashy Storm is by MGSW and track record setter Concord Point who earned $669,000 in 6 starts, 4-1-0.  Concord Point is by 3 time leading sire Tapit who in turn is by Pulpit who is by Hall of Famer A.P. Indy.  Tapit’s dam  is Tap Your Heels by the Champion Unbrided.  Concord Point’s grandsire is champion Boston Harbor earner of 1.9 million in 8 starts, 6-1-0.  On the bottom side of Flash’s pedigree is Storm Boot by Storm Cat and Seattle Song by Seattle Slew.