Horse Stats
Name: Evryonenozitscindy
Barn Name: Cindy
Age: 2015
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.2 hh
Color: Dark Bay
Adoption Fee: $500—NOW $250 until Dec. 31!
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 0
Highlights: Unraced
Total Earnings: $0
Last Race: N/A
Sire: Good Journey
Dam: Baby Cindy
Other Notable Pedigree: Nureyev, Aviance (IRE), Damascus, Aristophanes (GB), Ninjinsky II, Slew O'Gold
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Who’s the cutest, sweetest horse in the barn? Everyone knows it’s Cindy! Who’s the horse you want to ride to make you feel better on a bad day? Everyone knows it’s Cindy. Who do you just want to put in your pocket and bring everywhere? Everyone definitely knows it’s Cindy. If you don’t know, you better get to know Evryonenozitscindy!

“Cindy” is the anchor of our big mare turnout– she’s a voice of calmness and reason, even as chillier days and nights start to settle in and the crowd is a little bit spunkier going to and coming in from turnout! She is not an alpha personality, nor is she at the bottom of the pecking order.

You can always rely on Cindy to be sweet and reliable. Always eager to entertain, Cindy likes to hang out by her stall-front trying to catch the attention of a passer-by to scratch her neck, pet her head, or just give her attention of any kind! She is great in crossties and standing for the vet/ farrier.

Under saddle Cindy is a goldilocks ride: she isn’t slow or fast– she’s responsive but not ‘hot’. She likes to stretch her nose out when she goes around, but we don’t mind that since she is still growing and developing topline as she gets fitter. Cindy takes up a good deal of leg since she is rounder-barreled, and that makes for a pretty comfy ride! She is rhythmic and consistent with a great deal of bravery in new situations. Cindy can also hack out with a group or alone– she likes company, but she’s not herd-bound! She is still figuring out the mounting block, which she takes a second to look at, and sometimes tries to rush off from, but she is quickly learning that it’s not so bad! She is also making progress on being ‘on the bit,’ but she shows a preference for a light hand and light aids (she likes to be asked nicely)! 

Overall, Cindy is a very sweet girl and a quick-learner, so there’s no telling what she could do in the future! She would do best in a low-level home, but she would even be appropriate for an intermediate rider with a trainer.



New Vocations’ adoption fees are intentionally set lower than the cost of buying most Thoroughbreds or Standardbreds through a private seller. In today’s market, it’s not unusual for horses coming right off the track to be listed for sale at a price between $2,000 and $5,000. At New Vocations, we set a fee that will ultimately help each horse find a home quickly. The program’s facilities are always at full capacity, which means we cannot take in an additional horse until one is adopted. Adopters should be encouraged to know that by adopting a horse through New Vocations, they are actually helping two horses transition to careers outside of racing.

Additionally, adopters get great value for their money: The majority of the horses have been in the program for a minimum of 60 days. During that time, horses are rehabilitated (if needed), socialized with other horses, fully evaluated, and in work with a professional trainer. New Vocations fully discloses each horse’s history and provides all available medical records, many of which include X-ray and ultrasounds.

While adoption fees are low, it should be noted that costs associated with ongoing care and additional training for each horse after adoption can be high. New Vocations hopes that by helping an adopter save money upfront, he or she will have more funds available to cover the continuing costs of properly caring for a horse.