Horse Stats
Name: El Botas
Barn Name: Boots
Age: 2011
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 hh
Color: Chestnut
Adoption Fee: $500
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 31
Highlights: Multiple Stakes Placed
Total Earnings: $197,496
Last Race: 8/9/17
Sire: Consolidator
Dam: Found Gold
Other Notable Pedigree: Storm Cat, Forty Niner
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El Botas means “the boots” in Spanish. Botas certainly has a full set of white boots to catch anybody’s eye! This flashy chestnut gelding has a been-there-done-that attitude gained through a successful racing career. He ran 31 times earning almost $200k and is multiple stakes placed. This means he is well traveled and he demeanor is as sophisticated as you would expect. It also means he is quite durable physically. He loves his turnout time and tends to be towards the bottom of the herd. He stands back away from any ruckus the other boys cause and only reluctantly follows the group when they run. He is well mannered and middle of the herd. Boots does not have any stall vices. 

Under saddle, he is the consummate professional and gets right to business. Boots is a push ride who goes with the flow. Everyone enjoys riding him! He is also a superstar on the trail, only getting antsy when he thinks his buddy is leaving him behind. He has retired sound after a very impressive race career, he is truly a gem and will certainly be a beloved partner for an intermediate rider. 

Boots has had a prior “tie-back” surgery for his breathing. This is where one of the flaps which closes over the trachea while eating and opens for exercise is sewn down so it does not constrict his airway. Since it is tied back, he needs to always eat on the ground and food (hay or grain) needs to be removed 30 min prior to work to eliminate/minimize coughing. He will have hay “go down the wrong pipe” and cough in the stall sometimes which is normal. Soaking hay for horses who have had this procedure helps to minimize this. A couple extra steps in his care are totally worth the awesome mind and durability you are getting with Boots! 

El Botas is Retrained & Remarkable Challenge eligible. As such he will receive a shipping credit of up to $500, and an invitation to compete in Challenge-specific classes at the 2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Shows in Kentucky and Ohio. R&R adopters who choose to participate in the competition will be eligible to compete for $5,000 in cash and prizes; they will also receive a FREE stall at either Charity horse show and FREE entry into Challenge classes.