Horse Stats
Name: Draken
Barn Name:
Age: 2014
Gender: Gelding
Height: 16 1/2 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $600
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: Unraced
Highlights: n/a
Total Earnings: $n/a
Last Race: n/a
Sire: Kitten's Joy
Dam: Dynarama
Other Notable Pedigree: Dynaformer, Roberto, El Prado(IRE), Theatrical
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Draken is a 3yr old gelding by Kitten’s Joy who is a sire becoming popular with sport horses. Draken stands over 16h currently and has been an easy keeper on our farm. He holds his weight well and has solid feet. Draken is a follower in the herd of 8 but acts as a leader to his BFF Slamarama. They do everything together and almost seem to move as one in the field. Draken is mostly blind in his left eye but we do believe he can see some shadows. He is sweet to work around though he has the occasional baby mouthiness, mostly reaching over to playfully nip his friends on the way out to the field. He does not have any stall vices and tends to be a fairly neat stall keeper.

Draken is a baby who wants so badly to do anything you ask, he just needs lessons taught with patience and understanding. For instance, to walk in to our wash rack he was afraid at first. He would stop and any attempts to rush him from behind only made him anxious. Instead, simply standing there and allowing him to settle in to the idea while asking him to take a small step as he is comfortable works best. The first time we simply stood there for 8 minutes or so, then he took a deep breath and walked all the way in at once. For his first couple rides, we did a lot of walking around the arena letting him look around and relax. He wants a connection with people and quickly builds his trust in you. He is now w/t/c confidently around with different riders and has even started over poles. Currently, he is more comfortable if you mount from the right but we plan to start working on building his confidence with a rider mounting from the left. Draken was retired without any apparent injuries and is suitable for all disciplines. He will need a confident intermediate rider or an advanced rider.