Horse Stats
Name: Dahlia Noir
Barn Name: Dahlia
Age: 2012
Gender: Mare
Height: 16 hh
Color: Bay
Adoption Fee: $600
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: Unraced
Highlights: n/a
Total Earnings: $n/a
Last Race: n/a
Sire: First Samurai
Dam: Quisisana
Other Notable Pedigree: Storm Cat, Giant's Causeway, Distant View, Mr Prospector, Northern Dancer
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Dahlia is a tanky 16h mare who is like the mature older sister of our group. She doesn’t have time to be involved in the other girls dramatic antics and likes to march right along, both under saddle and in hand. In turnout Dahlia can be a bit bossy and is one of the herd leaders. She is turned out in a group of 6 and they all get along. Dahlia’s laid-back nature on the ground makes her an enjoyable mare to work around and she loves getting one-on-one time, whether that be grooming or just pats and love. She is an extremely sweet disposition, loves her ears scratched and loves to be brushed. Dahlia does not have any stall vices.

Under saddle Dahlia has a lovely trot that is very comfortable to ride. She focuses well on the task at hand but can sometimes be anxious in new surroundings. She wants to please her rider and very willing to learn. Dahlia prefers to be connected with her rider and is learning to go in a frame. She naturally rocks on to her haunches and powers forward from behind. She has a huge step and is forward thinking. Dahlia is so attuned to her rider that she responds to the lightest of cues. For instance,, you can simply turn your knee in and she will immediately move off the rail. She will be limited to flatwork careers but has a promising future in dressage. Dahlia needs to be given consistent signals, so would be better suited for an advanced rider.