Blizter Too

Horse Stats
New Name: Lexie
Age: 2013
Gender: mare
Date Adopted: 2017
Current Discipline: Dressage and hunter-jumper
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    Blitzer Two wasn’t born perfect; she had poor confirmation that made a racing career questionable. However, her ownership did have her trained until she proved she really wasn’t capable of racing competitively. She arrived at New Vocations in the fall of her 3-year-old year, with a mystery soreness that failed to resolve until the mare popped splints in both hind legs. Three months later, fat, sound and back in training, she came in from the field one day, again sore behind. An ultrasound revealed a torn calcaneal tendon( tendon that runs from hamstring over the hock) that required 30 days stall rest with an additional 4-months turnout. One year after Blitzer arrived, she was back in training again. “Blitzer had a superstar temperament from the beginning,” said New Vocations trainer Melissa King. “Soreness and a freak field injury delayed her adoption, but she was the coolest mare to work with.” This time, she progressed without a hitch and was soon adopted by Susan Pitzer as a show partner for her daughter Lexie. “Blitzer was not the horse we went to look at,” Susan said. “She really wasn’t even on our radar. We were looking for a 16.2h gelding and fell in love with a 16h chestnut mare. Melissa showed us several horses that fit the bill, none of which were really clicking with us. Then this tank of a mare poked her head over the stall door and there was just something about her that clicked. We watched her go, Lexie grazed her and the rest is history.” Adopted in the fall of 2017, Lexie and Blitzer quickly bonded and diligently spent the winter training. Blitzer was a quick study and Lexie was, too. “By the time spring rolled around, they were jumping around 2'3" courses,” Pitzer said. “Blitzer handled her big show debut as if she had been showing for years. She is consistent and such a cute mover.” Throughout the summer, Lexie and Blitzer were consistently in the ribbons with many wins in dressage and over jumps. The confident, accommodating mare may have poor confirmation, but she is the perfect show partner for Lexie. In 2019, Lexie has decided to take add a new discipline to her riding and will be showing Blitzer side saddle. “These two will be stunning in their side saddle attire,” Pitzer said. “Blitzer makes the perfect ladies mount. She is such a special mare; I cannot imagine our family without her.”