Horse Stats
Name: Blackglama
Barn Name:
Age: 2012
Gender: Mare
Height: 16.2 hh
Color: Dark Bay
Adoption Fee: $900
Location: Lexington, KY
Race Stats
Total Starts: 2
Total Earnings: $2,240
Last Race: 3/3/16
Sire: Sharp Humor
Dam: Bella Bella Bella
Other Notable Pedigree: Distorted Humor, Hansel, Forty Niner, Mr Prospector
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Blackglama is the type of mare that absolutely everybody notices and comments “wow”! No exaggeration, every single visitor to our farm has taken note of her as they walk by her stall. Her name, Blackglama, is the world’s finest, dark, short-napped mink. To qualify as Blackglama, the pelt must be free of any imperfections on both the fur and leather.  With such high criteria, less than 2% of the world’s mink population earns the exclusive Blackglama name and can bear the coveted Blackglama label. Her photos do not even do justice to how black she can appear. She is currently a bit sun bleached from summer turnout but covered in dapples. She is every bit as fancy as you would expect given a name that exudes luxury. Glama is not the leader of the mare group but is definitely vice president as she is not going to be left out on mealtime. She leads nicely although she sometimes wants to rush through stall doors. She stands well for the farrier, tacking, and for baths in the wash rack. Glama does not have any stall vices.

Blackglama was retired sound after 2 very flat performances on the racetrack and was turned out for over a year of let down. She seems to be destined for greater success off the track! Glama is quite athletic with a great build for a sporthorse. She has smooth transitions and skips over the ground. She is learning to become more free through her body and is working towards a “stretchy trot”. She is a forward thinking mare who will be best suited to an advanced rider. Glama is very perceptive to her riders cues and since she is not quite sure what all of them mean yet she can overreact if you are not clear. She does best with a rider who is almost zen to complement her energy. Blackglama is suitable for all disciplines!