Horse Stats
Name: Anthem
Barn Name: Anthem/Buddy/Sweet Boy
Age: 2009
Gender: Gelding
Height: 17.1h hh
Color: Gray
Adoption Fee: $700.00
Location: Medina, OH
Race Stats
Total Starts: 49
Highlights: 10, 8, 6
Total Earnings: $130,381
Last Race: 2/13/18
Sire: Unbridled's Song
Dam: Ballroom Deputy
Other Notable Pedigree: Unbridled's Song, Silver Deputy
  • 5F9A0207
  • 5F9A0246
  • 5F9A0251
  • 5F9A0262
  • 5F9A0263
  • 5F9A0285
  • 5F9A0291
  • 5F9A0294
  • 5F9A0314
  • 5F9A0319
  • 5F9A0326
  • 5F9A0331


Anthem is a gentle giant that needs love and support all the time. Anthem is a that big puppy dog that is afraid of thunderstorms! He would not hurt a fly, he would help a mouse cross a river if he could! Although a heart of gold and a cute mover, Anthem needs a best friend, a support system, and most of all, LOVE.  He is low man on the totem pole in the herd and very much needs other horses around! He comes to you first in the pasture as to say, “I’ve been waiting for you all day!”, which in turn makes you feel very special!!! Anthem is going w/t/c, and has been over crossrails. Working on relaxation on the ground as well as under saddle and moving off the leg. He gets nervous when he thinks he is getting reprimanded and can be anxious in situations he is not use to.  He loves head scratches and rump scratches!! He is recommended for an experienced and confident rider that has patience to work with his mind! Should be suitable for low level disciplines.  He is not horse show ready, he needs miles and to hold your hand during the process. His perfect partner would be someone who has equine patience, understanding, confident seat with a soft hand, keeps consistency, and ALWAYS has peppermints in their pocket! Anthem is a special soul and when he finds the right partner, he will give you the world! He knows how to love you back!!


~ Needs patient experienced/confident adopter (natural horsemanship knowledge a plus)

~ Turnout with buddies

~ Peppermints

~ Does have pin firing on both front ankles

~ Suitable for low level disciplines (has been over crossrails)


***Rider is 5’5″, 135lbs. It was a very humid, rainy day***