The heat has come on in a hurry in Kentucky and our sensitive-skinned Thoroughbreds are not too happy about the bugs that have come with it!

Our horses show their irritation in a lot of ways: they walk the fence line, tossing their heads up and down; they stop their feet repeatedly, loosening their shoes; and they can be all-around grumpy when it comes to working with or riding them!

Because insects can be more than a nuisance (they can carry diseases as well), we work very hard to protect our horses in multiple ways. In addition to keeping fans on them when they’re in the barn (insects don’t like moving airflow), some of our horses wear fly masks in the fields. Additionally, we apply flyspray to them every day before they go outside (getting some retired racehorses used to a spray bottle is tricky!).

New Vocations is graciously sponsored by BugPellent, a natural bug repellent that doesn’t use pesticides, solvents or alcohol (so it’s easier on the equine skin!). Melissa King, Kentucky’s Facility Manager, is especially fond of the BugPellent gel as it lasts significantly longer than other flysprays, especially when the horses are out on the trail. Additionally, she notes that the gel is fantastic for application around eyes and ears, and there’s no spraying noise to make a horse nervous!

New Vocations tries to be as environmentally conscious as we can: We recycle, we spread our manure on our fields and we buy as many items in bulk as we can to reduce delivery emissions. This dedication to the environment is another reason why we love BugPellent—in addition to how well it works!

BugPellent comes in both a spray and a gel, so we can get cover every inch of our sensitive horses; it’s also safe for our canine companions – an added bonus in a barn! In addition, we hang the BugPellent Cylinders to keep bugs at bay—it’s a great alternative to whole-barn spray systems (and there’s no messy strips or bags to dispose of!).

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